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A leading force in the delivery of gold standard specialist security driving needs

Delivering Results

The Specialist Operations Academy instructors are former Greater Manchester Police Class 1 advanced tactical, VIP, anti-hijack, armoured vehicle and SEG trained. Aswell as being specialist operations protection officers.

Not only do Martin and Peter have first class experience and in depth knowledge of the subject matter but they’ also both RoSPA and IAM examiners with a weatlth of experience of training and individual and corporate.

who held government specialist clearance. which enables us to add value to our clients through their extensive wealth and breadth of experience in all major scenarios whether at an individual or corporate level.

Backed by our Parent company we have over 300 years worth of experience providing specialist security solutions and Gold Command Incident Management Services for High Net Worth clients.

Residential security Blue Chip companies, leading  financial institutions, major high street retailers, pharmaceutical and Royalty from around the world. Our operational team members are all former Personal Protection Officers who served as members of Her Majesty The Queen’s family members and have been specialist security cleared and trained to an unparalleled level of protection.


SOA-The Gold Standard

Protective Driving is a complex task and requires a higher level of training. SOA recognised this and have developed a 7 day Security Chauffeur Course to give you the skills required. Unlike other courses we look to all environments. We specialise is offering Luxury, Armoured car and 4x4 vehicle training both on and off road. Whilst most 2 car teams use both executive and 4x4 vehicles that’s why we aim to ensure the experience relates to mimic real life scenarios and situations as much as possible.

Courses are accredited by RoSPA Offering exceptional training to the globally accredited recognised RoSPA examinations. Working within the upper quartile of the SIA (Security Industry Association Approved Contractor Scheme and ISO 9001 SOA are fully committed to delivering the ‘Best in Class’ Courses can be general or tailored to individual corporate client requirements.

SOA since inception has built a reputation based on performance and service excellence with an unwavering commitment to customer service, excellence in course presentation, delivery and the highest standards in safety.

SOA has the capability to provide an integrated service nationally and internationally for driver training and close protection.




Lead Instructor

A trained experienced engineer and driving enthusiast.  Joined Greater Manchester Police in 1987 and quickly achieved his goal of joining the Traffic Unit.

Years of fast pursuit work in traffic and auto crime units honed his tactical driving skills.  Driving skills, tactical and technical knowledge led him into Protection and Escort Work in the Special Escort Group and then onto share these skills at the Force Driving School.

Martin led both car and motorcycle VIP training for several years, conducting Student and Instructor Courses

His 30 years in the Police concluded using his teaching skills as Sergeant in the Professional Development Unit at the Police Training College.

He has now found a new challenge to provide high-end Security Chauffeur Courses for Specialist Operations Academy, helping students to fulfill their goals of becoming the safest and most skilled and educated security drivers in the business.




Peter served for 28 years with Greater Manchester Police, within Roads Policing and the Motorway unit. I was also a member of the Tactical Vehicle Crime Unit, which had a dual role, its primary role being the forces dedicated VIP Escort Unit, carrying out the movement and protection of visiting members of the Royal Family, Ministers and overseas dignitaries. Its secondary role being a dedicated Vehicle Crime Unit, utilising high powered unmarked cars to target all types of vehicle crime. I subsequently became an Instructor at the force Driver Training Unit, where I delivered and examined upon a wide range of driving and classroom courses. Which included, Standard Car/ Blue Light Response, Initial Pursuit, Advanced Car and Advanced Pursuit, VIP Protection/ Category “A” prisoner Escort, Anti Hijack Course, High Performance Car, Surveillance Car, Personnel Carrier, Armoured Tactical Firearms Vehicle, D1 Mini Bus, UVIT (Unarmed Vehicle Intervention Tactics) and MASTS (Mobile Armed Support to Surveillance). I also delivered classroom sessions for the 5 week Traffic Skills Course and 3 week Traffic Tutors Course.

I am still delivering Blue Light Training to St John’s Ambulance, Military and Government Departments. I am a qualified DVSA ADI, RoSPA / IAM examiner and Principal Examiner for the Advanced Drivers Association of Somerset.