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Driving school training providers ‘Specialist Operations Academy’ (SOA) and Insurance giants ‘Aston Lark’ join forces to help raise standards within the professional driving industry.

The physical and emotional impacts associated with motor accidents can be extremely costly to individuals and businesses alike. Accidents don’t have to happen and with additional training and awareness drivers can proactively help to reduce the risks of this happening by undertaking specialist training. These newly acquired skills and knowledge will significantly enhance the driving ability of the individual and thus significantly reduce the risk of those potentially costly accidents.

Specialist Operations Academy are a gold standard training provider with a proven track record for successfully delivering advanced driving courses in the UK, delivered by industry leading instructors with a wealth of experience in improving driving standards and safety for drivers and passengers alike. All of the driving courses delivered by SOA are also accredited and approved by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

Those individuals that undertake the necessary steps to become a better driver and thus reducing risks should be rewarded and that’s where the relationship with specialist insurance broker Aston Lark comes into play. They acknowledge the significant benefits of undertaking the SOA courses and completely support raising the driving standards by offering insurance premium discounts for those students that have successfully completed the SOA advanced driving courses.

Aston Lark Associate Director Michael Wood said ‘We’re really impressed with the enthusiasm, dedication and quality of training provided by SOA and it was clear that our valued existing policy holders would certainly benefit from this type of training. As a business, we always look to support proactive advanced drivers and with this in mind we’ve agreed to reduce the premiums for those successful students who pass the training’

SOA Marketing Manager Danny Taylor said ‘We’re absolutely delighted to be working in collaboration with such a well-established insurance specialist who share the same values as us in raising the standards within the industry. We’re looking forward to forging a long-term alliance with Aston Lark that will benefit our students and provide better safety on the roads in general’

If you’d be interested in undertaking one of the SOA advanced driving courses you can find out more information on their website www.soa.uk.com. If you’d like to be quoted for insurance premiums you can visit www.astonlark.com

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